Sunday, February 13, 2011

May 21, 2011 - The End of the World As We Know It

In a remote corner of Saudi Arabia a few years ago (referred to here), I met a young Saudi who informed me that every day he listened online to an American preacher named Harold Camping. I was unfamiliar with the name, but did some research and discovered that he believes the end of the world will occur in just a few months, May 21 to be precise. Mr. Camping believes all churches have gone apostate and warns Christians to leave their churches to avoid the upcoming judgment. He encourages them, as could be expected, to follow him.

I hadn't thought much about Mr. Camping and his predictions since then, until I noticed a few trucks driving around town today with his message emblazoned brightly upon their sides. Since Camping is a strict predestinist, meaning God chooses those who he will save and who he will damn, and there isn't a damn thing you can to turn the tables, I'm not sure what anyone could do to avoid this judgement (except perhaps not using the word "damn").

At any rate, I have a proposition for Mr. Camping. I have been looking for a good investment opportunity. I am willing to contribute ten thousand dollars to his ministry - on condition that he pay me back twenty thousand on May 22. If he accepts my offer, I'd even be willing to take out a huge loan and contribute some more. I could retire a millionaire after all!


Peter Penguin said...

Spoken like a predestinate reprobate!
Now as it happens, I too am a prophet, and I'll make you a deal.
You pay me $1000 today; and if the world doesn't end when I say it's going to, I pay you $10,000 plus a side of fries.
=> I say the world will end on April 27, 2809.
Small bills only, please.

Anonymous said...

@Peter Penguin: i like that, lol