Tuesday, May 6, 2008

She Visited her Father's Killer

Most people wouldn't call me very emotional, but there was something in this Arab News story that brought tears to my eyes. Priyanka Vadra, the granddaughter of assassinated Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and daughter of assassinated Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi paid a secret prison visit last month to the woman involved in her father's murder. It was only later that the media found out about the visit.

When asked about this action, Priyanka said, "It was purely a personal visit on my own initiative, which must be respected. I do not believe in anger or violence, and I refuse to let it overpower me. Meeting (the prisoner) Nalini was my way of coming to terms with my father's death." Priyanka added she had asked Nalini why her father was killed, and said the grievances could have been solved through talks.

Although her brother did not accompany Priyanka to the prison, he commented, "We don't carry hatred. We don't carry anger. It's not an exercise. She felt that she wanted to go and see the person. She has been feeling it for some time."

I find it interesting that in the Middle East where I live, not exactly known for non-violence and peaceful responses, this story was carried on the front page of the Arab News. I wonder if any American newspapers did that?

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sara said...

maybe there was a country song playing in the background that encouraged the tears:)