Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Matt Lauer and the Dr. Laura Interview

I don't watch much TV, but a recent snow day kept me in bed a few extra hours and flipping through the channels I noticed the Today show was about to interview Dr. Laura to discuss her new book Surviving a Shark Attack. I thought the interview was one of the dumbest I've ever watched. I encourage readers to view it here and let me know whether or not they agree.

Matt found it necessary to say repeatedly that Dr. Laura was "controversial". In today's media parlance, someone who is controversial is someone you don't respect very much. He inquired about the subject of her book, which deals with betrayal and revenge, but interrupted her midway through her response to indignantly inform her he did not agree because he prefers the "turn the other cheek" approach.

He looked down at his list of questions and proceeded to the next. He wanted to know more about the nude photos of Dr. Laura that a former lover had strewn over the Internet. She replied, probably for the 1000th time, and he again looked down at his paper for the next question. This one was about her use of the N word that garned much media attention last year. She patiently responded again, probably for the ten thousandth time, but halfway through they cut off for a commercial break and that was the end of this dumb interview.

Matt had no interest in really discussing her book, or learning what she thought about anything. He just wanted to put her down.

In ninth grade I was on my High School Junior Varsity basketball team. It was a lousy team; we didn't win a game all season. After each loss, however, we praised each other with High Fives and compliments. Way to go, Rich! Great jump shot, Ron. Nice rebounding, Bill!

Finally the coach had enough. In the locker room after yet another blowout, he threw his cap to the floor. "You guys are terrible," he shouted. "And yet you think you are fantastic. You keep telling yourselves how great you are. You have no idea how bad you play."

I think TV broadcasters are like that. They hang around with each other, interview each other, and tell each other how great they are. Just last night Anderson Cooper added Dr. Laura to his Ridiculist. They don't realize how shallow and dumb they often are.

Matt Lauer found it necessary to remind Dr. Laura that she had repeated the N word 13 times. Never mind that she repeated it merely for emphasis to get her point across. It's like my saying I thought his interview was dumb, dumb, dumb. And the questions he asked were dumb, dumb, dumb. And Anderson Cooper's reaction was equally dumb, dumb, dumb. There you go; I've outdone Dr. Laura. If I had a radio show, I'd probably be toast as well.

PS. By the way, Dr. Laura is now on SIRIUS radio. If you aren't a member, I encourage you to join. Her show alone is worth the subscription.


aemish said...

I'm increasingly concerned your preoccupation with this woman might have led you to set said nude photos up as your Windows wallpaper.. :p

Quotable Quotes: said...

My secrets will die with me. But I promise not to write about Dr. Laura or Sarah Palin (for at least a few weeks).

ctw said...

Doctor Laura is not someone you would champion if you really studied her. I've listened to her on AM, and have listened to her on Serius/XM, and she the same both ways. She gives advise to people who don't have her millions, or her plastic surgery. Blah blah blah it's easy when you're rich.

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