Sunday, December 19, 2010

What Sarah Palin Has That Everybody Wants

In her December 17 interview with Sarah Palin, Good Morning America correspondent Robin Roberts noted, "I have to tell you, the first thing I noticed when I walked into the Palin home is that it's all about family."

America is a country filled with millions - perhaps tens and scores of millions - of lonely people. Many of us are divorced, or the children of divorced parents. Others stay in empty relationships long after the spark of romance and the warmth of intimacy have gone. Unmarried teenage girls choose to become pregnant and have babies just so they can have someone to love or to love them. People move from one empty relationship to another, or give up hope of a good relationship at all. Married couples choose not to have children for the sake of their careers, or carefully calculate how many children they can have without putting those careers on hold. Infants live their lives in daycare because their parents choose lifestyles that demand both incomes.

And along comes Sara Palin, a woman who loves a husband who adores her, with a big, messy family. Her critics use words such as "polarizing, fanatic, radical, right-wing extremist, Christian fundamentalist conservative" to describe her, and that's just the beginning. I don't need to mention those critics by name, and you could probably make a list far longer than mine. My suggestion is that she has something most of them are longing for.

It could well be that Sarah Palin will be the next President of the United States. If so, she will continue to be the person she has always been, a mother working out of the house balancing the needs of her family and her job. Like radio talk-show host Dr. Laura, I could imagine President Palin greeting foreign dignitaries by saying, "Good morning King Abdallah and Queen Rania, and welcome to the White House. I am Sarah Palin, and I am my kids' mom."


Susanne said...

Yes, she even made a reality TV show with them! :)

Traeh said...

I will vote conservative, I expect, in the next presidential election. I don't know about Palin. I guess I don't like her as a presidential candidate very much. Maybe I'm wrong, but so far she doesn't strike me as smart enough or knowledgeable enough for the top spot. I guess what I want is a really sharp, free market, small government, libertarian hawk for a candidate. He or she should be very skeptical about nation building if the constitution of the new nation stipulates deference to sharia (see today's Iraq and Afghanistan). If we can't install a democracy with religious freedom (as we once did in Japan and Europe), it probably isn't worth the blood and treasure.

aemish said...

Dr. Laura? Sarah Palin? i-yie-yie... Still, I'd even vote for that imbecile over rewarding a second term to Obama. After he caved on FISA in July of '07 the writing was on the wall at our house, and I had Amex refund my $500 campaign contribution. Besides, if America really would be that effing dumb to vote her in, a vote for her would be my little way of saying, "right back atcha, fellow Americans" upon my immediate expatriation elsewhere. I like that.

Quotable Quotes: said...

Thanks for finding and reading my blog. I don't know if you are a new reader, but I love it when readers go back and read older posts and leave comments as you are doing. Thanks again.

The thing about Dr. Laura is that I suspect many of her critics don't actually listen to her. When I listen to her for an hour or so, and sense the compassion and skill with which she deals with the callers who phone in with all kinds of serious problems, I'm impressed. That doesn't mean I think she is god or would agree with her on everything, but I do appreciate her a lot.

aemish said...

Quotes, oh, hey.. Mornin' *wave

Ya, I dig your blog. Very thought provoking :D

ctw said...

Having Sarah Palin's life as she now lives it is easy to do when you're a millionaire. And being a millionaire is easy when you find yourself in a position to become one, but don't mind forsaking your responsibilities by giving up your job as governor and selling books. The relationship between Sarah Palin and the average working mom is non-existent. She's closer to Angelina Jolie than to the average working moms I know.