Sunday, August 22, 2010

Truth Will Prevail - Muhammad in the Song of Solomon

Truth Will Prevail Productions has released a film rated Approved for All Audiences by the International Motion Picture Association entitled The Absolute Truth About Muhammad in the Bible. The 19 minute film claims that the name of Muhammad is mentioned in the Bible's Song of Songs, and can be viewed here and here.

The Arab media, including the Egyptian press and satellite TV channels, has picked up on the story. With great gusto and pride, talk show pundits boast that now it is "American and Jewish scholars, not just us Muslims" who recognize Muhammad was prophesied in the Bible.

Rashid at Daring Question on the Arabic Al Hayat channel has produced an extensive analysis of the production, as well as its claim that Muhammad was foretold in the Song of Solomon. Arabic speakers can watch it here.

The Song of Songs, also known as the Song of Solomon, is a Biblical love poem recited by both a man and his dark-skinned lover (this website has put some of it into music). The erotic language of the poem has been long criticized by both secularists, who accuse it of being pornographic, and Muslims who claim its explicit vocabulary renders it unworthy to be considered sacred (and must be another example of how those nefarious Jews deliberately tampered with their Scriptures!). Some Orthodox Jews and fundamentalist Christians, also uncomfortable with the sexuality of the poem, have seen in it allegorical references to Moses (for the Jews) and Jesus (for the Christians). In a sudden turn of events, the producers at Truth Will Prevail have gone from considering the poem unworthy of being in Scripture at all to being a prediction of the coming of Muhammad!

The problem is that the film itself is a complete fake. There is no Truth Will Prevail production company, and the International Motion Picture Association has never rated a film entitled The Absolute Truth About Muhammad in the Bible. The entire film consists of clips pulled from Youtube including some with voiceovers that say something completely different than the original text. One scene of a man poring over texts, which the film portends is a scholar discovering references to Muhammad from the Hebrew Scriptures, was taken from a National Geographic documentary that had nothing to do with the subject of the film.

What about the claim that Muhammad is in the Song of Solomon? In the first place, it is curious that Muslims even consider that poem part of Scripture. Muslims understand revelation from the perspective of how it was allegedly given to Muhammad. Under some physical influence (some writers described perspiration dripping from him), he uttered sentences given him directly by the angel Gabriel. Muslims believe that although there were many prophets, only five were given a risalah or revelation from God.  These were Abraham, (whose message was lost to history), Moses (the Torah or first five books of the Old Testament), David (the Zabur or Psalms), Jesus (whose risalah was included in the Injil or Gospels written by his disciples), and Muhammad.

The Song of Solomon was written by Solomon, who was not one of those five prophets. Muhammad, who perhaps never even heard of Biblical authors such as Amos or Obadiah, did not indicate that any of Solomon's writings were Scripture. Why would Muslims today claim that Muhammad's name is found in a text of which their Prophet was perhaps not even aware, let alone recognized as sacred?

The supposed mention of Islam's prophet occurs in Song of Solomon 5:16. Concluding a description of the physical beauty of her lover, the woman says, "His mouth is sweetness itself; he is altogether lovely. This is my lover, this is my friend, O daughters of Jerusalem." How does the film conclude the adjective "altogether lovely" is the name of Muhammad?

Arabic and Hebrew are both related Semitic languages, and many words in both languages have similar meanings. They both have a triliteral verb system, which means that many words with a related definition are formed from one three-letter root. In Arabic, the verb ha-ma-da means to praise. The passive particle of this verb, mu-ham-mad or Muhammad, is "the Praised One".

The three-letter verb in Hebrew ha-ma-da means to covet or desire. The adjectival form of this verb,  that which is desired, is mu-ha-meed. Adjectives are made plural in Hebrew by adding -eem, and the Hebrew word in Song of Solomon 5:16 translated as altogether lovely is mu-ha-meed-eem.

Believe it or not, the creator of the film found an online audio file of a Rabbi reading Song of Solomon 5:16 in Hebrew. When the Rabbi read the word "muhameedeem", the filmmaker clipped off  "-eem" and claimed the Rabbi was repeating the name "Muhammad". To make the whole story even more ridiculous, the filmmaker found an online English voice audio service that read in stilted English the text inserted by the filmmaker which he claimed was being said by Jewish Rabbis and Biblical scholars.

A forged film using non-existent evidence to prove Muhammad was a Prophet of God! It would all be funny if it weren't so sad. The sadness stems from the fact that hundreds of millions of Muslim young people around the world, who are not allowed to think critically or creatively, are exposed to rubbish like this and taught that it is true.


Juniper in the Desert said...

This is all part of islamic theft, not only of lives and land but the history of those, muslims seek to destroy. It is more taqqiya, the lies that advance islam.

Some muslims have even claimed that mohammed wrote the Torah: they know it is a complete lie but it is part of the continuous efforts by muslims to take ownership of these things in order to justify their destruction of the world as we know it.

Allowing them to enter Western countries has been like opening Pandora's Box.

Anonymous said...


goethechosemercy said...

They're just trying to insert their anti-individualistic, corrupt tradition into the West.
It won't work.

sara said...

Hmmm...can't help but wonder who was this person who was listening to the Psalms in Hebrew? I can just imagine a Muslim student somewhere learning Hebrew and practically falling asleep at their desk while listening to this slightly tedious love psalm, when suddenly..eureka.. he almost hears the word Mohamed and his faith is once again validated.

observant observer said...

Seems that the basic operating system is : if you can destroy something of someone, you just claim it yours!Wowwww!!

in the vanguard said...

Ecellent analysis. Like you said, the muzlim that rendered the hoax is willing to have people live his lie.
Wanting for people to LIVE HIS LIE - imagine then what can of lowlife this person is. But, truth be told, it's not just him. He probably represents billions of such creeps that belong to that cult called izlam.

in the vanguard said...

How ridiculously far-fetched is this idea that that Mohameddan pervert would be mentioned in King Solomon's Song of Songs, a wonderful metaphor that relates to G-d's relationship with His Jewish people.

Why did he have to look for "clues" to its insertion? Why, if he was as great as he was, would he not be expressly mentioned?

I daresay it was not worth your bother to explore this ludicrous supposition, but having done so, I do commend you for so splendid a job.

Only don't expect the fool who proposed it to acquiesce to your superlative rebuttal.

Unknown said...

are you guys serious? Islam is the fastest growing religion all over the world, Muslims are over 1 billion close to 1.5 billion now

Islam is invading USA, EU and Asia

and you cannot stop it

you think we do really need to forge a story ?

Yes i have seen what this Muslim haters was saying, but thats bullshit, what about the original subject ? they kept on criticizing Islam showing how ignorant they are, what about the main subject ? they just denied the credibility of "Truth Will Prevail" Okay there is nothing such as Truth Will Prevail, a guy made a research, collected a few video's and also collected a few sounds and made a wonderful research that none of you can deny

and you all are still criticizing Islam and do not have a prof about what this researcher did

seriously guys you are pathetic, you will ignorants and you will die as one also

Unknown said...

No Sarah, our faith is soo solid, you dont need to worry about it

and sweetheart Jumiper, go check youtube just type "christian converts to islam" to travel to get islam to the world, its moving on its own and its doing good (:

goethechosmercy, corrupt is been in your country and your distorted religion

you guys die in hate, we still and always will be better than you, and you are just attacking Islam still, not the subject, bring one prof that the video is wrong

can you ? you cant, and you never will

hadji said...

first i need ask u all what do u know about muhammad?
second u don't know every thing about it is so ignorancethat u talk about person badly and u don't know any thing about him
an example:someone don't know any thing about jesus and man tell him that her mother breed him without male.what is his thinkable about jesus???
islam is marvelous relegion from god.and muslems are mercyer people. u can see them in thier life.prays.hadj.celebration.women rights &kindliness.
if muhamma is bab so why so much of people christians and other believed him.........muslem respect non-muslems.

observant observer said...

hey the muslims who commented here,
we've heard enough of what u can argue! is that all u can say? really pathetic!
so u can only get the feeling of rightfulness or you can only feel ur ego being uplifted by someone else converting to your religion by their failure to understand the real skin of Islam? is that how you think that islam is truth?....please I'm still trying to figure whether u're using ur brain or just parroting words!

I'll pray for u!

Cyril Lucar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cyril Lucar said...

I am consistently stunned and saddened by most of the comments I read from Muslims. Wild assertions without evidence, ad hominem attacks on others, poor spelling and grammar and threats constitute most of what they write. I'm wondering why they bother.

I ask myself if they actually believe this kind of writing is convincing to non-Muslims or if it is just an outpouring of the ever-present Muslim anger and loathing.

System, you ask, "Do you think we really need to forge a story?" Well, obviously some of your co-religionists did, and that causes us to ask the REAL question, "Why would they forge a story?" The most obvious answers, which you have done nothing to dispel, is that your religion uses deception as a common tool to advance its cause and that many Muslims are so insecure and such poor critical thinkers that they would latch onto it. Your writing seems both insecure and devoid of critical thinking as well.

Hadji, your writing is desperately incoherent. You are apparently not a fluent speaker of English, which is easily excused - in fact, thanks for making the effort. But your seeming inability to think is what is so sad. You ask what we know about Muhammed on a blog where the Koran, Hadith and Sira and quoted at great length. You don't quote any of these things, so I think the answer to your question is, "A lot more than you do."

You also seem (it's hard to know what you are really trying to say) to say that if we don't know EVERYTHING about Muhammed that we can't saying ANYTHING about him. Well, in that case start with your imam. He doesn't know everything about Muhammed either. Go tell him to shut up.

Wouldn't it be nice to hold to a "truth" that you didn't have to defend with such desperate anger and constant fear? You don't have to live this way. I encourage you to pick up the Gospel of John in the Christian Bible and just read it. Many of us have read the Koran, you can read the Bible and see for yourself.

filthykafir said...

Cyril, I commend you for your temperate, even kindly, and well-reasoned response to our Muslim visitors. Your words reflect the inherently intelligent and gentle tradition of Western (Judeo-Christian) Civilization and remind me of my good fortune to have inherited it.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

السلام عليكم بارك الله بيك يا اخي ز
,"قل جاء الحق وزهق الباطل ان الباطل كان زهوقا" اشرف من العراق

Anonymous said...

لعرب يتحدثون الباطل. في نخاع عظامهم هو كذب.
العرب المساهمة الفساد الوحيد الى العالم والقتل وتشويه،
تعذيب وانتهاك حقوق النساء مثل الكلاب -- أغلقت حتى يصل كنت لا قيمة لها

Peace :) said...

Peace people.

{Say, "O People of the Scripture, come to a word that is equitable between us and you - that we will not worship except God and not associate anything with Him and not take one another as lords instead of God ." But if they turn away, then say, "Bear witness that we are Muslims [submitting to Him]."} [3:64]

hi ... why do i always have to find so much hate and rudeness and lack of tolerance?
i'm a muslim, and my fiance is a jew.
most of you misunderstand and judge islam, before you even know what it's truly is.
the problem is that you only know what you know is from stereotypical sources. movies and media. have you ever sat down with a muslim friend and tried to ask about islam?
i live in a country that have muslims and christians and jews. so before you all say i donno either about you, i know enough.
muslims don't hate. those you see as a hater is just some radical stupid redneck.
i don't want to spend my time here to defend islam, or defend this idea of Muhammad might be mentioned or not in the Bible (although it's not just in this verse, it has a lot of places where the qualities of the seal of prophetood are mentioned)

anyway, islam has no agenda of invading countries. it is just invading hearts. no one has forced anyone to convert. i didn't force my fiance, and i won't, and i'm not even asking her.

i'm just asking you, those who can think and be patient, who have sight and an open mind. to go do their own researches, not from a biased source. there are many distorting sources. and btw i don't recommend any islamists groups either ;p i dislike them as much as the haters themselves.

check Ahmad Deedat, a southafrican indian scholar that was a debater with bible scholars in the 80s and 90s.
check Khalid Yasin, an african american lecturer who is born in the states and raised as catholic, this is the closest to you i guess.
there are many islamic resources that require logic, patience, sight, pondering, etc.
don't take everything blindly.

and do excuse my english, and other muslims that don't know how to talk in english, that doesn't make them ignorant. just some of them are too passionate.

peace :)

in the vanguard said...


The reason is simple: Muslims live life on th eemotional level. They have brains, but their brains cannot overrule their heart, so logic and knowledge may "make sense" to them, but it won't register; Or certainly it won't interfere with their emotional reasons, which of course only they themselves are privy to. But we too know what these emotions are about - they lust for blood, to elicit pain or torture people, mutilate, ... Just look at what they contribute to mankind.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

does jesus not teach peace and love? does jesus not teach us how to conduct ourselves? do you think jesus would aprove of your blind condemnation? would jesus aprove of you judging that which you do not know? can any of us prove beyond a doubt what we profess as truth? or is it your faith? before you attempt to speak for God you might want to add the phrase "I believe" in front of your ignorance. im a born christian and i have great respect for our muslim brothers and sisters. humble your selves and pray to God that he may have mercy on all of us. for none of us know because none of us were in the presence of jesus. we can only read the bible the quran the books of the bible which were not included...also the torah...research..pray and maybe we can attain in incling of Gods teaching. but cursing each other online is a sin in and of its self..

Anonymous said...

im going to pray for you tonight. i feel sorry that you have such a narrow minded view of billions of people whom you do not know. i guess us americans are more holy while we fight unjust wars in other countries killing over a million innocent men women and children. it seems to me that in your eyes their lives are worth less than yours. keep watching propaganda and blindly follow what ever doctrines you follow. you speak complete and utter ignorance. lord help you.

Anonymous said...

Actually if you really understand English very well, then the video says that the Rabbi saying the word Muhammad is from a website! so don't lie in this part!! i am a Christian and studied this video in every single word. Second thing, when the filmmaker repeats the word Muhammad, this is a sound effect and it was clear to everybody who hears, that this effect is just to let you hear the word "Muhammad" more and more.
Actually, after going to back to the original scripture, comparing it with the Quran, Bible and Torah, the video is 100% true. the Word has been said, and Muhammad name is now proven to be in the Old test.
no one can reject that.
The videos taken from National gerographic, are not related to the content, its just to add something to the movie.
i discussed this movie with many Muslims and Christians,and many are convinced. i saw this movie for about 30 times, and commented on every single thing on it.
the issue is that only, if the Song of Solomon is considered by all Muslims as being sexually explicit, why their prophet name is mentioned?
the surprise is that, about 1000 people in Egypt have been affected by this movie and converted to Islam. Even rachid, admitted that their prophet name is mentioned. Everyone is not concnetrating on the important part of this video, such as the rabai talking and repeating its words, this is not important, the important thing is that his name is mentioned. Now, after this, along with 20 of my friends started to study Islam, and will be converting after some days.
During the last year and till now, after an extensive study, i am about 95% convinced with islam and want to convert and 18 of my friends are too.
actually the media has really made Islam as a bad thing, while its the best thing!!
open your eyes!!
18 are converting to Islam on the next coming days, and i really started practicing Islam, but i will officially announce it and convert to Islam in the government departments.

Anonymous said...

Islam doesn't need a fake movie or fake facts or Islamic theft as some one mentioned. If u don't believe it, it's your call, but what I'm asking for, before u make a judgment , read and before that open your mind , then hopefully you will see the truth
Can any one answer this question , what was Abraham religion? I think this question will take you to the truth , only if you want

Unknown said...

I am a Muslim & to all respect of Cristian....we(Muslim) do not want to offend you(Cristian) to accept what we(Muslim) believe but try to understand what we(Muslim) try to tell you(Cristian). In what we has been learn & told for non-Muslim is that we respect their religious & act to no offend other religious. You should understand that we(Muslim) believe in Jesus Christ as must as you(Cristian) do but our(Muslim) believe is different from you(Cristian) because we(Muslim) believe Jesus Christ as a prophet & not as a god & we also believe in bible(original bible). We do not believe in current bible because in been told the current bible has been corrupt & dispute(eg: translation of bible which is not the original sentence). Please do not compare of Muslim with Muslim terrorist. We(Muslim) never told to pick a fight with other religious. What you seen in Muslim terrorist is just nature human being what we(human) called hatred.

What is Islam? To Muslim is not just ordinary religious because Islam is just 'Way of Life' meaning Islam teaching is learn about relation between people, religious & worship God until end of our life(human). Our guidance is according to Al Qur'an & Sunni. The teaching in the Al Qur'an can also apply in the teaching of the modern world

If you(Cristian) want to more about Islam, just ask another person(non-Muslim) who life in Muslim society. Ask he/she if point of view in Islam [eg:person(non-Muslim) who spent their life time in Saudi Arabia or Chinese/Indian who life in Malaysia.]

Anonymous said...


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