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Muhammad's Hatred for the People of the Book

The other evening I joined probably several million Arabic-speaking Muslims throughout the Middle East and around the world in watching the weekly television show "Daring Question" with host Rashid. He opened the program by expressing condolences to the families of the Christian Copts in Egypt who were killed in a drive-by shooting as they were leaving a Christmas Eve mass on the Orthodox Christmas, celebrated on 7 January. He added that Nigerian would-be bomber Umar Farouq Abdel-Mutalab (whose name includes both Islam's second Caliph, Umar ibn al-Khattab, and the Prophet Muhammad's grandfather Abdel-Mutalab) also planned his attack on Christmas Day. Why, wondered Rashid, would Muslims deliberately plan attacks to take place on the Christian's most sacred day of the year?

Rashid noted that Muslim governments, scholars, and media always respond to attacks such as these by saying they are isolated incidents, or the results of conflicts between individuals, or caused by programs such as his which criticize Islam. He played a clip in which Shaykh Yusuf Qardawi said that America itself was fully to blame for the attempted Christmas Day bombing.

He then posed his "daring question" of the week, "Muslims always blame these events on TV programs such as mine, or America, but they will never say that Islam is the reason. Where was America, and where was Hayat TV when Muhammed expelled the Jews from Medina and the Christians from Arabia 1400 years ago? Why are Muslims unwilling to look at the Quran and the Hadith for the roots of their hatred for Jews and Christians?"

He next challenged his listeners, "How would you feel if the verses that are in the Quran and the Hadith about the Jews and the Christians were instead in their Scriptures and prayers and sermons about you? Let's look at what Islam says about them, but substitute the word MUSLIM every time you see CHRISTIAN or JEW, and think about how it would make you feel."

"Let's begin with the prayers," Rashid continued, "The Muslim repeats 17 times a day this sentence from the first chapter of the Quran, 'Guide us in the straight way, the way of those who have earned your grace, not in the way of those who earned your anger or who have gone astray.' We all know, because we were brainwashed from childhood, that the straight way refers to the Muslims, whose who have earned your anger are the Jews, and those who have gone astray are the Christians. What if the Christians repeated continually in their prayers, Oh God, guide us in the straight way of the Christians, not in the way of the Sunnis who have earned your anger, or the Shia who have gone astray? How would you feel?"

He followed with more examples, "Sahih Muslim said in the Hadith that the Apostle said, Do not greet the Jews or the Christians before they greet you, and if you meet any of them on the road force them to the most narrow part. How would you feel if Jesus told Christians not to greet Muslims, and to force them to the other side of the road?

"Aisha recounted that in his final illness the Prophet said, Allah cursed the Jews and the Christians because they took the graves of their Prophets as places for worship. First of all, there is no historical evidence that the Christians or Jews ever did this. And secondly, this is what the Muslims themselves have done. The Prophet's Mosque in Medina, one of the most sacred sites in Islam, is built upon Muhammad's grave. What if the Apostle Paul wrote, and Christians repeated ad infinitum, Cursed are the Muslims because they took the grave of their Prophet as a Mosque?"

He continued from another Hadith, contained in both the Bukhari and Sahih Muslim collections, "The Prophet said, May Allah curse the Jews, because Allah made fat illegal for them but they prepared and sold it for a profit. How would you feel if the Christians and Jews said, "May God curse the Muslims, because he made pork illegal for them, but they sold it?"

His next example was, "Umar ibn al-Khattab heard the Apostle say, Expel the Jews and Christians from Arabia, and do not leave anyone but Muslims. What if people in the West expelled all the Muslims who live there? Would that not be an example of racism and hatred? What else can you call it?"

Rashid then turned his attention to the Quran, "Quran 5:17 describes the Christians as infidels because they say that Allah is the Messiah, the Son of Mary. What would your response be if the Bible said, "The Muslims are infidels because they say, May the peace and blessing of Allah be on Muhammad?

"Quran 5:73 says, They are infidels, who believe that Allah exists in Trinity. What if the Bible said, They are infidels, who believe that God has blessed his Apostle (Muhammad)?"

He continued with more verses, "The Quran says in 9:30, God's curse is on the Jews because they say that Ezra is the son of Allah,and on the Christians because they say the Messiah is the son of Allah. What if Christians repeated every day based upon their Scriptures, God's curse is on the Muslims, because they say that Muhammad is an Apostle of Allah? The verse before that says you are to fight (the Christians and the Jews) until they pay the jizya tax and feel themselves subdued. Where do the books of the Jews and the Christians tell them to fight you?

"In 5:51, the Quran tells Muslims not to take Christians and Jews as friends. How would you feel if their books told them not to be friends with you? And it says in 62:5 that the people who were given the Torah have become like donkeys. How would you feel if their books described you who have been given the Quran as donkeys?"

Rashid next challenged the almost omnipresent Islamic "conspiracy theory" that the West is always plotting against Muslims and wants to destroy them, "The Quran says in 2:120 that the Jews and the Christians will never be happy with you unless you accept their religion. No wonder you think they are conspiring against you! Can you imagine Christian ministers and Jewish rabbis always warning their people that you will never be happy with them until they accept your religion? Quran 2:109 promotes this same mentality, saying that out of envy the Christians and Jews were conspiring to turn Muslims away from your faith. How would you feel if their Scriptures warned them that you as Muslims were always conspiring against them?"

Rashid's final example was from another Sahih Muslim Hadith, "The Apostle said that on Judgment Day, Muslims can come with sins as high as a mountain. God will forgive all their sins - no matter how serious and how many - and pile them upon who? You guessed it, the Jews and the Christians. Do we still wonder why so many Muslims hate Jews and Christians? The answer is in the Quran and the Hadith."


akhter said...

Chaud said...

and here is my response along with his challenges and other falsehood addressed .

Rebuttal To Daring Question Episode 145 "The Hate Of Islam Towards The People Of The Book

Cyril Lucar said...

Response to Akhter's thoughtful, reasoned and creative reply to brother Rashid (pbuh)...

The web address only contains an answer to one of Rashid's questions. I'm sure Akhter COULD have answered all of Rashid's Daring Questions, but he just decided to answer one. And that with a web address! With all of that industriousness and creativity, I see why the Islamic world is so prosperous!

Unfortunately, Akhter's noble attempt won't be very convincing for non-Muslims. Why is it not a problem for Muhammed to be buried under a mosque? Well, he was buried under a house and the mosque was expanded to include the house! So, he wasn't buried under a mosque, and the mosque wasn't built over his grave. Thanks for solving that one for us, Akkie.

You know, if you keep citing web addresses instead of actually writing, people will think that you are too stupid to write these things yourself (or even distill them as I have helped you by doing). I know that is not true. You treat us dismissively because you hate us, just like your prophet did.

That was the point of brother Rashid's (pbuh) show. But you missed that.

Chaud said...


Did you not see my comment ??? I wrote a detailed article responding to all of Rachid's STUPID objections and exposed him as an idiot , please visit the link.

and why are saying (pbuh) after Rachid's name ?? LOL !!


Chaud said...


Rebuttal To Daring Question Episode 145 "The Hate Of Islam Towards The People Of The Book

Cyril Lucar said...

response to Chaud, PART ONE

If you try to follow Chaud's link directly above, it won't work. Use the one higher up. But you don't have to read it. I've saved you the time.

This one's for you, Chaud...

A summary of Chaud's care and reasoned response to Rachid (pbuh)

1) Since Rachid (pbuh) mentions a incident where a group of Muslims targeted and killed Christians but a Muslim got caught in the crossfire and died, this cannot have anything to do with Islam or hatred of Christians.

2) Since Chaud quotes four texts, inaccurately portraying the meaning of three as advocating violence and insinuating (falsely) that the third is read by Christians as advocating violence today, Christians must be hypocrites to criticize Islam because we MUST have as many violent fundamentalists as they do.

3) Since a group of Muslim men who attacked a group of Christians outside of a church were all felons, it could not have anything to do with Islam. Also, since the attack didn't happen in a church, it couldn't have anything to do with Islam, even though Christians are easily identifiable by their clothing.

Cyril Lucar said...

response to Chaud, PART TWO

4) Since some Muslims don't believe in terrorism and don't believe that the West symbolizes Christianity and don't take Koranic verses advocating violence against unbelievers ("slay the unbelievers!" 9:5) as advocating violence against unbelievers, Rachid (pbuh) was wrong to ascribe a belief in killing the unbelievers to Islam, even if MILLIONS of Muslims DO believe that.

I've only summarized the first 2800 words of Chaud's post. But you all probably get the idea. There's a pattern here that seems to show up a lot. Chaud, could I work my way through your "response" and point out every bit of faulty logic and unethical argumentation? Yes. Would it be worth it? Yes, if there was some chance that you would heed the warning. You are under the judgement of God for what you are promoting and your soul is worth saving. Would you heed the warning? Probably not, at least not yet. Since you are breathlessly just referring me to your site instead of engaging with me, I don't think it is worth it yet. But I'll give you just a taste of your spiritual insanity and allow you to decide whether you wish to see more.

First, you are very proud of your writing. I've noticed this with you Muslims (ghm), you write long, pompous, poorly argued screeds and then post all over the blogosphere trying to get others to read them. I can't decide whether most of you are deeply seeking affirmation for your intellect or whether you are terrified of actual debate. Maybe both.

Second, your use of the Hebrew Scriptures shows that you do not take any time at all to understand what you are reading. Hosea 13:12 is a prophecy of God to Samaria (northern Israel). They had started worshiping false gods and the Almighty told them that the nation of Assyria would attack and destroy them. And they did. It isn't a verse which PROMOTES violence, it is a verse which PREDICTS violence. Either you didn't know that or you didn't care. If you didn't know that you are lazy; if you did know it then you are a liar. But I know that you Muslims (ghm) are all about lying for Mohammed (mhbh). Two of your other verses are the same. The 1 Samuel passage actually IS a passage which promotes violence. God commanded Saul to totally wipe out the Ammonites, which he failed to do. This is a very hard passage. But it is NOT a hard passage because ANY Christian takes that passage as normative for today. You might say the same thing about much of the Koran, except that millions of Muslims (ghm) do take those passages as normative, including the four major schools of Sunni jurisprudence and the Shia Islam of Iran. The huge problem here is your disrespect of the people you are interacting with. You are willing to disregard how Christians take these passages. Christians, on the other hand, are combing Islamic sources to see how Muslims (ghm) read the passages. I myself read the King Faud study Koran as my primary source. I also consult Bukhari, since he is considered authoritative by almost all imams and I read Ishaq. I think you are disrespectful and unethical in your use of the Holy Bible because you despise us.

Cyril Lucar said...

Respond to Chaud, PART THREE

Third, you constantly assert that since YOU don't believe that Islam doesn't promote violence or terrorism, that all of your co-religionists who do are mistaken. The problem is that there are so many of them. The entire freakin nation of Saudi Arabia believes in the death penalty for apostasy (including the uber liberal professor of Islamic studies at Vanderbilt divinity school). The president of Iran preaches constant violence and hatred for Jews. al-Quaeda has thousands of members and tens of thousands of affiliates. About half of the "secular" Muslims in Turkey believe in the practice of honor killing (according to a recent Turkish study). When the twin towers fell, 250,000 Palestinians took to the streets in celebration. Somehow, we've gotten the message that you hate us.

Fourth, and I'll just cut to the chase with the fourth, your claim that your people only kill us when we invade your land is pathological. Let's set aside your invasions of Spain, Africa, Constantinople, the Balkins, your attack on Vienna, your invasion of Lebanon and your terrorist insurgencies in the Philippines and other places. I'll just stick with with something cut and dried like Iraq. Americans invaded without being attacked. We overthrew a government. We took a repressive dictator out of power. It was probably a bad idea. Now tens of thousands of militants are killing coalition soldiers, sectarian rivals and thousands of civilians. And it is our fault. You are reprehensible. Instead of taking responsibility for your religion, you just blame others, often the victims. It reminds of a girl I read of who reported rape and ended up being flogged for adultery. Your religion is a giant graceless abusive family, constantly perpetrating horrific acts of violence and blaming them on others. The non-abusive members of the family spend all their time protecting the abusive system.

If you want me to dialog with you, why don't you start by either a) admitting that your use of Scripture is inaccurate, or defend it to me, right here. Or, are you a coward?

Chaud said...

@Cyril ,

Ummm , Dude I think you didn't read the whole thing , nor did you understand why I wrote the article to begin with , like always , when I write something and bring evidence , I never get a response using evidence ! I just a rants, at the end of his episode Rachid challenges the Muslims to use Muslim sources and prove him wrong , that is exactly what I did.

My critique of Rachid has to do with the over 20 points I raised against his methodology , for example cut a hadith in half , misquoting the quran , forgetting historical context , shutting down a Muslim who has knowledge...etc

and dude , did you know READ MY DISCLAIMER ??? (its right above the verses) I know for a fact that what I said was wrong concerning the Jewish scripture , I am trying to show you how stupid Rachid's arguments look like.

now to your points ,

point #1-3 : Irrelevent
point #2 : I never said anything close to that , you see why Rachid pisses me off ? why do you people misquote everything ?

point #4 : No that's no how it works , I am saying that Rachid took verses out of context , I'll quote what you said :

your use of the Hebrew Scriptures shows that you do not take any time at all to understand what you are reading

and that is exactly what I am charging Rachid with , I know exactly what that verse is , i aint stupid , but how would you feel if Muslims start quoting that to prove the crusades were religious ??

Rachid never took the time to understand the Quran , nor did you if you can come here and quote sura 9:5 thinking that it establishes your case.

I think you are disrespectful and unethical in your use of the Holy Bible because you despise us.

The huge problem here is your disrespect of the people you are interacting with. You are willing to disregard how Christians take these passages.

and that is what Rachid did to the Quran ! why does he disregard what mainstream muslim scholarship and mainstream Muslims have to say about these verses?

Why doesn't he respect that intelligent Muslims are sitting behind that Tv ? why doesn't he have any respect for his viewers ?

Like I said , if you read my disclaimer I already know I misused some passages in the bible just to show the readers how Muslims feel when someone like Rachid not only misquotes 1 but over 14 passages ! Please continue reading and see it.

and once you read it you will see that I won't accept anything Rachid did to the Quran to explain those verses , like context or historical context , since he never respected quranic context of historical context , now do you see why I had to do that ?

Most of your 2nd point doesn't really concern my response , but I do recommend you to read the whole thing then come back , and see how Rachid's arrogant claims have no basis to begin with , and if you and Rachid are honest people , how come you just gave a lecture on how to interpret certain verses in the bible and do not accept what MSULIM SCHOLARS have to say about verses from the quran ?


Chaud said...

@Cyril ,

you misquote me AGAIN , then go on a rampage of charges with no basis AGAIN.

First of all , "so many of them" , that doesn't establish a case , please prove intellectually that what those people believe in is true and I am wrong , that their practices is based on correct understanding of Islamic scripture .

you can rant as much as you want , you still didn't deal with any point , and you applied the same double standards Rachid did !

you accused me of misusing the bible (although there is a disclaimer that I do not hold this position regarding those verses and apology to anyone I offend ,and the sole purpose was to show how stupid Rachid is, but I guess you didn't read that) , and you gave explanations , then why don't you accept scholarly interpretations of the Quran ?

I bet back in the dark ages , nobody thought Christianity was a loving religion , because they were killing so much people.....but do I use it as an argument ? heck no , why ? because is fallacious (Hasty Generalization).

and your first misquotation of me was a reference to my quote from Fadel Soliman , which was dealing with SUICIDE BOMBING , not invasions that I consider by default wrong unless there is a historical valid reason.

Note : I can deal with your "invasion" charges , but it aint worth it.

again , you misunderstand my position AGAIN when you say

And it is our fault. You are reprehensible. Instead of taking responsibility for your religion, you just blame others, often the victims.

Did I say its your fault ?? and when did I blame others ?? I am taking responsibility by saying these actions are wrong and I do not support them , I EVEN PROVIDED ISLAMIC TEXT THAT PROVES MY CASE , but trying to demonize a religion and claim that the religion itself is the problem is where I draw the line , that's what people like you and Rachid need to understand.

and do think I support any of those actions you just said ? It's wrong.

What kind of challenge is this ? I already conseaded that my use of biblical passages is wrong to show people how Rachid's methodology of thinking is FALSE.

or do you mean Islamic scripture ? if you mean that then write an article refuting mine.

Chaud said...

did you note read this ??? its in the "Verses from the bible in the light of Rachid's criteria ." section .

This is my disclaimer:
"Note : If I offend any Christian in this segment , I sincerely apologize , this is not what I intended to do , what I want to do is demonstrate how Rachid's criteria and methodology in dealing with the Islamic text is bias , unfair , shallow , and intellectually bankrupt , I do not hold this stance in regard to many of these verses , I'm just applying Rachid's Methodology , I do acknowledge and believe that Christianity , just like Islam , is a peaceful and ethical faith , the difference we have are theological not ethical, if you find this segment to be silly , then you should be honest and re-evaluate Rachid and his claims.

I will not accept context , historical context , common practice , theological beliefs , reasons of X and Y , or anything of the 23 points against the presentation of the episode I mentioned from Rachid or any of his fans , basically if I don't like the verse , it teaches hate .

Please read the whole article and respond to my points instead of appealing to fanatics and how many there is , because by refuting Rachid , I am also refuting anyone who has the same views , that includes Osama bin Laden .

and btw , the introduction section was only to refute Rachid's news misinformation , I used it to expose how Rachid brainwashes his viewers , and how he misleads people in his introduction to think his main presentation is scholarly when in reality , its childs play.


"I sincerely from the bottom of my heart ask of every Muslim and Muslima who saw this episode , to review the contents of this episode , go to the verses , go to the tafsir , I am leaving the choice to all the viewers to go to the tafsir and what they said , what the hadith books said , how they interpreted the hadith , you will find my statements to be true , I invite all to reevaluate his/her dogma , because a dogma that tells us to hate others is not needed in this world , we need what changes our hearts and teaches us love , who is Christ "

and all I did was respond , I checked out the source HE ASKED US MUSLIMS to validate his claims with , and guess what ? its turns out he was a fraud !

How about you respond to my response to Rachid's 14 points ?

and if you believe Rachid is not a fraud , just wait until the email messages segment of the episode where he LIES and cuts a hadith in half , I challenge you to respond to this , or at least admit Rachid made a "mistake" here :

Rachid claimed that the brother of a Muslim is the Muslim and must support him if he commits injustice , he used this hadith .....

The Prophet's (pbuh) said: "Support your brother when he commits or suffers injustice"

and based on that he concluded that if a christian is oppressed , then according to Islam he is no more than a Kaffir and Muslims must help their "fellow Muslim" in oppressing christans .


The Prophet's (pbuh) said: "Support your brother when he commits or suffers injustice". A man asked the Prophet (pbuh): "Messenger of God, I understand that I should support him when he suffers injustice. How do I support him when he is the committer of injustice?" The Prophet (pbuh) answered: "You prevent him from doing injustice. That is the best support you give to him".

Now does the hadith support oppression of the Christians when it's fully quoted ? This hadith supports stopping oppression if it happens , not advocating it as Rachid claimed.

Waiting for response , either you deal with one of my response to Rachid's 14 main points , or at least admit that Rachid was lying when he quoted that hadith.

Chaud said...


You know ? I wish you had a mirror in front of you when you said this :

The huge problem here is your disrespect of the people you are interacting with. You are willing to disregard how Christians take these passages.

and I wrote a disclaimer and apology , but I had to do that to establish my case , but what about you and Rachid ???


all I did was expose both of you , WHY THE DOUBLE STANDARDS ???

Once you read my article ,you will see how I do not hate Christians , in fact in the article I acknowledge that Christianity just like Islam is a religion of peace and friendship , BUT WHAT I OBJECT TO IS THE DOUBLE STANDARD DISHONEST UNSCHOLARLY METHODS YOU BOTH USE.


I'm still waiting , either accept that Rachid is a lair , or respond to the article.

Chaud said...


Although I did not want to respond to point # 4 because its stupid , non-historical and only a brainwashed idiot would utter such filth but here is a great article I found online , and I again challenge you to refute it , invasions you say ??? The Muslims were on a 7th century war on terror to free the world from injustice , I find it funny that christian sources confirm this !

and again , please stop your RANTING ,get serious and stop being the idiot Rachid is and face the fact that he is a LAIR ! or respond to at least the small hadith misquotation he did , that is only one example out of dozens.

Anonymous said...

Astonishing style. I would love to write that way.
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Tapety na pulpit