Sunday, January 31, 2010

Question Number 3: Is it Time for Allah to Die?

In a recent post, I suggested that Muhammad created Allah as the Enforcer Muhammad needed to carry out his ambitions of greatness. Now I want to ask the question, "Is it time for this Allah to die?"

: this post is only to be read by non-Muslims and TM's.

No, TM does not mean a follower of transcendental meditation. A TM is a seriously Thinking Muslim, of whom I hope there are millions. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to decide whether or not you are one of them.

1. If you are determined to remain Muslim for the rest of your life, right or wrong true or false, just because you were born Muslim, you are probably not a Thinking Muslim.

2. If you claim critics take verses of the Quran "out of context", when you yourself have no idea what the context of that ayah or surah really is, you are probably not a Thinking Muslim.

3. If you accuse critics of lying about Muhammad when they present information about his life that you were unaware of because you have not studied the Sirah as well as they have, you are probably not a Thinking Muslim.

3. If your immediate response to criticism of Muhammad or Islam is to assume the critic is "Islamophobic" (whatever that means) or "hates Muslims", you are probably not a Thinking Muslim.

4. If you get really upset by a story of someone tugging on a Muslimah's hijab in a checkout line, but the news of a Muslim suicide bomber killing a dozen other Muslims in a mosque in Iraq leaves you cold, you are probably not a Thinking Muslim.

5. If you think you understand Islam more correctly than Osama bin Ladin, Ayman al-Zawahiri and their Shariah advisers, but have not even completely read the Quran, Hadith, and Sirah for yourself, you are probably not a Thinking Muslim.

If you have concluded from these questions that you are indeed a seriously Thinking Muslim, here is one more question. If Muhammad created Allah to carry out his dreams of power and ambition, and if this Allah is not producing prosperity in Muslim countries, peace in Muslim relationships, or freedom for individual Muslims to believe whatever they want, marry whomever they choose, and live their lives however they want, isn't it time for him to die?

I listened to a fascinating exchange a few months ago between Wafa Sultan and host Rashid on the Arabic TV show Daring Question. Both ex-Muslims, Rashid now encourages people to become Christians but Wafa follows no organized religion. During the discussion he asked her, "If you are asking people to leave Muhammad and Allah behind, what are you offering as an alternative?"

Her response was, "Rashid, you are trying to persuade Muslims to put on a clean shirt. But what if they are terrified to take off the dirty shirt they are wearing? What is the advantage of offering someone 100 new shirts if they cannot take off the one dirty shirt they are wearing? When they find the courage to take off the old shirt, then you can offer then alternatives."

Perhaps the time has come to take off the shirt, now 1400 years old, of Muhammad and his Allah. Maybe it is time to write Allah's obituary. It could read like this:

Here lies Allah ibn Muhammad
(Allah the Son of Muhammad)
Born 610 - Died 2010
Succeeded by an ever-decreasing number of admirers
May He Rest In Peace


Cynthia386 said...

Let's just agree that there are kinds of wonderful things to found, one you have left the straight jacket of islam.

Unknown said...

I am 48yrs old from my 6th b'day I was foreced into believing a medieval religion, a doctrine which promised doe eyed damsels in paradise and predicts the coming of dadjals(fairy tales) believe me alone these two trivial tales surely must be enough for a muslim born or not to turn away, but u see the vacuum created the disappointment is so great, the older u get wiser u r and as u read the quran u come across a selfish, one sided god who acts purely out of ego, the total subjugation, no questions, and what about the womenfolk would they they also turn into doe eyed damsels? Look a book written by an apostle of god should be timeless and of course priceless.Good u can as an apologetist argue that islam served its purpose then and probably keeps the wild saudis under control and probably would do good for some of the so called muslim countries.But look I am tired fedup and disappointed wasted all my precious years in believing