Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ziyarat al-Banat (The Girls' Visit)

My usual ordinary, routine-driven life was wonderfully turned upside down the last two weeks by the visit of my daughters. Visits to the Filipino souk, the antique souk, the gold markets, the camel markets, the mosque where the founder of the Saudi brand of Islam known as Wahhibism said his prayers, dirtbike riding in the desert, meals in French, Filipino, and Arab restaurants, elavator rides to the top of the city's highest towers including the cigar smoker's top floor of the Fasaliya, and trying to keep up with my eldest daughter on the treadmill were only some of the fun. If anyone ever tells you there's nothing to do in Riyadh, send them my way. And if anyone ever says young women can't look beautiful in an abaya, I have some photos for you (although my daughters insist that isn't a compliment).

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